I had my music project mastered at Vessel studio.  Got my tracks completed super fast at a very good price, and most importantly, they sound awesome!  I highly recommend this studio!

-Lori Adams (CEO Movin’ and Groovin’)

Working with Pat at Vessel Studios is always a pleasure! His mixes are spot on and he is very punctual with meeting deadlines. Our clients were very pleased!

-Gary R. May (Emmy Award Winning Director | Producer/Production Supervisor | GMayTV!)

The Vessel is a wonderful, intimate studio with a warm sound and hip vibe. Owner Patrick Brennan is able to capture whatever vibe is being laid down, and his production style is as easy going as he is!

-Robert Myers (Drummer/Vocalist with The Infatuations | Staff writer at Jiva Music)

Vessel Studios is an outstanding place to get your audio production done for your project.  Whether it’s recording your music, mixing and mastering tracks you’ve already recorded, needing help with composing, or recording and mixing VoiceOver –   Pat Brennan is the man for the job.

I work in the advertising industry and very frequently interact with a variety of studios and engineers in town, working on a wide range of record and mix sessions.  Pat Brennan at Vessel Studios is on par with the industry standards and will work tirelessly to execute your audio project.  His gear and studio space are top notch, and he has the knowledge and experience to dial it all in to get the best results.  I have worked with Pat on several music projects in the studio, and a video production where he did a superb job on recording the VO talent, and mixing the music track to really make the video shine.  They say “audio makes video look better”, and it couldn’t be more evident when looking and listening to the Before and After from that project.

I would definitely recommend Pat to anyone trying to work on recording music or any other audio related project — And I already have and will continue to do so!

Also, his dog Coco is a sweetheart

-Rick Morrone (Video Producer/Musician)

Having been a professional saxophonist in and out of the Detroit area for the last 16 or so years, I have recorded in many studios and with many different engineers and producers. I have found recording with Pat at Vessel Studios to be an absolute top notch experience.

A studio experience can be evaluated by by (1) the quality of the studio (facility, equipment, etc) and (2) the quality of the engineer and producer (though sometimes the same person). The biggest and most fundamental difference about recording with Pat Brennan is that, unlike most other situations, Pat is a true musician. Not an “aspiring” musician, “wannabe” musician, or “failed” musician, but a true professional musician. He brought all this to the table in designing and building the studio. It is an absolute acoustic joy to play in: both comfortable and sonically clean without being stuffy or devoid of natural acoustic feel. His choice of microphones, though over my head in terms of understanding why one would work better than another, shows that a ton of thought goes into finding the perfect unit to bring out the best in each performer’s unique sound. Musicians, myself included, are very picky and particular about their own sound and we insist that it come across correctly when recorded. Pat, being a true musician, knows this and makes sure it happens every time, both through his equipment selection and execution as an engineer.

He is patient and thorough as a producer, not rushing the performer through their “takes,” but rather taking the time to make sure the performer is comfortable and satisfied with their performance. Perfection and satisfaction all-around are his goals.

His equipment know-how and ability to use and manipulate the recording and editing software are top-notch. In this age of lots of people having hastily-rigged “studios” in their basements (with amateurish “skills” to match), the true professionals shine and are incredibly valuable. Pat is one such professional. The results are immediately noticeable in his recordings. Pat’s recordings are, above all, clean, clear, and accurate representations of the musicians’ performance. It stands to reason that, given Pat’s extensive experience in the world of performance, he has a natural advantage as an engineer and producer. Not only does he have a mastery of his equipment and software, but he knows what musicians need to bring out their best performance. I would recommend Pat Brennan and Vessel Studios to ANY musician looking for the best possible results in recording.

-Nick Stone, (Saxophonist | Neo, Charlie Wilson)

I knew that Patrick is a good audio engineer and producer, but what I find most helpful is that he is surely the most extraordinary musician I know. This comes in very handy at sessions. It’s so valuable to have a real musician in the producer seat who sometimes seems to know what I want before I do. And he doesn’t waste my time! I’ve worked with many high-ticket studio producers who think slower than I do — very frustrating — while the meter keeps ticking. This is the opposite of Patrick, who anticipates my needs. Always good experiences here.

-Bran Englander

I am a pianist, and am almost always disappointed when I have to play a piano that is not a grand. The piano setup at Vessel is quite extraordinary. Patrick has a very good controller keyboard, and I have never played a digitally-sampled piano setup that sported such richness, depth, and possibilities of expression. I am very picky First time ever that I didn’t miss a traditional piano setup.


I have worked with Pat Brennan in many different professional settings from the live stage, to songwriting to recording various projects at his studio, and everything in between.  Pat is the complete package.  He has a superior musical depth and knowledge that is extremely rare, and brings all of his real world experience to the table when engineering, mixing, producing and mastering audio .  His input in the creative process is invaluable, and beyond the musicality, Pat is always very fun to work with.  His studio environment is warm and inviting, and he has a unique way of extracting the best out of everyone he works with.  Another great quality is that Pat is always able to deliver constructive criticism in a positive, uplifting way (and believe me — his constructive criticism is worth its weight in gold).  Vessel Studios is the premier recording studio in Metro Detroit and I would recommend anyone and everyone to work with Pat!

-Dan Mazur (Singer-Songwriter | Session Guitarist)

Dude knows what he’s doing. He sinks himself down into your project. Seems like a partner sometimes instead of some guy you’re paying and hoping for the best. Dude knows music in a deep way, has maniac sweet chops and is personable. Easy to work with, I mean. Sweet times at Vessel, always.


I love working at Vessel Studios! It has a “homie” and comfortable vibe to it and I like that.

Pat Brennan is very fun to work with and we always produce music that sounds good and is well thought out. I love how he takes his time to discuss which path to take to produce the best product. I’ve never had a bad experience at Vessel Studios and I don’t imagine I ever will.

-Kevin Floyd (Session Bassist | Live Performer)